Nature's All-Natural Weapon in the War Against Cancer Answer

In an early prevention trial, CAPSOL-T eliminated early cancer markers in 94% of subjects testing positive! As you read this website, tests and treatments using CAPSOL-T continue with extremely successful outcomes!

In December of 1998, a presentation outlined the discovery, identification and investigation of tNOX (ENOX2). Dr. D. James and Dr. Dorothy M. Morre presented at the American Cell Biology Conference the discovery of tNOX (ENOX2), a tumor associated protein.

The discovery of tNOX (ENOX2) was an important discovery, as this molecular target for CAPSOL-T is associated with all forms of cancer, but is absent from normal cells.

Your body is a protein machine, manufacturing hundreds of thousands of proteins. The overactive tumor associated tNOX (ENOX2) protein is just one of them, and is blocked by quinine site inhibitors.

CAPSOL-T is formulated with powerful quinine site inhibitors that block tNOX (ENOX2) proteins. Thus, it interferes with the ability of cancer cells to enlarge to the size required for cell division, equaling cell death! Now THIS is exciting! CAPSOL-T is a product that consists of food grade decaffeinated green tea concentrate and capsicum powder in an OPTIMUM ratio providing an approximately 100-fold synergy compared to green tea alone.

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A Food Based Dietary Supplement:  180 Gelatin Capsules per bottle

Capsol-T is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or replace medical treatment for any disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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